Friday, January 13, 2017

OpenSEA mechanics update

This is part 4, if you have not seen this before, i recommend that you start with part 1.

I have made a video showing some new features in the OpenSEA project. The design have become a bit more parametric and I have made a test print of the SolidPython generated parts. More details can be seen in the picture and video below.

Here are some images of the printed parts, From first (top) to latest prototype (bottom):

3d printed plastic spring or steel spring? its your choice. I have not yet made the 3d printed spring parametric but it is on the TODO list.

Here is a comparison between motor attachments, oldest to the right and newest to the left.

I have still not made any newer motor tests as I want my cheap china ESC to do way more then it was designed to do, so I am digging deep into motor control and AVR assembly and SimonK. 
We will se how that goes, A write up on my motor control progress will be posted in the near future.

Parts are as always available here:

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